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Australasia & Pacific

Bespoke and Tailor Made Holidays & Honeymoons to Australasia and the Pacific

As far away as you can get from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands truly are the ‘other end of the planet’.  From the days of the explorers, tales of drifting by hand made rafts from one tropical island to another with stories of weird wildlife and ancient tribal cultures on desert islands brought to life the imagination of many a then armchair traveller!

With the mass migration of many British people to Australia in the war years, it became a much better known and popular destination to travel to.  Now there are many ways of exploring Australasia – there are still overland expeditions where you can travel through Asia and across to Australia and New Zealand by land and boat, but more commonly now, long haul flights have opened up an endless array of options!

Why not combine a holiday to Australia or New Zealand with a stop over? Choose from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong or Dubai, or carry on to San Francisco or Los Angeles on a round the world ticket. Visiting the South Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia is easily enjoyed on a Round The World Cruise.


Why not visit ...

South Pacific Islands

This has to be the ultimate in ‘Robinson Crusoe’ islands! Fabulous for honeymoons, but great for anyone who wants to get away to the other side of the earth … Paradise tropical islands, turquoise waters and coral reefs, palm fringed sandy beaches and thatched huts.

New Zealand

Stunning landscapes and friendly people, New Zealand has a lot to offer the adventurous traveller. Created in relatively speaking recent years, the mountains, lakes and forests are a nature lovers paradise. Endless hiking trails, weird wildlife and volcanic hot spots, New Zealand is a long haul destination par excellence.


A vast land full of colour – the red rocks and soil of the centre of the country, the verdant greens of the lush rainforests and gorgeous beaches. Highlights include Ayers Rock, The Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour and Opera House, Kangaroos & Koalas.